The Love Bombs is a project by the Film Kru Ministry of Joshua Generation Church, involving more than 250 volunteers from across Cape Town who have all come together over the past 9 months with the hope of changing lives… one film at a time. United under the banner of love, this team has freely given their time, resources, sweat, blood and tears to produce three hard hitting short films. In the words of the Love Bombs team leader, Howard Fyvie, “These movies are modern-day parables that share the message of Jesus’ love with a generation that needs to hear it.”

More than just film-making, the Love Bombs is about seeing people walk in their destiny. They’ve seen hundreds of volunteers get inspired again to dream big and take risks. They’ve worked into townships, training up under-privileged people in the skills of film-making and giving them a chance to shoot, edit and act in the films, and watching them discover potential that they never knew existed.

“It’s been an incredible faith journey for the Love Bombs team”, says Howard, “In October 2011, we started with zero finances and a team of novice film-makers. We knew we had to take our passion and share it with the world, but we had no idea how we were going to do that. All we had was prayer and action, and the Holy Spirit. Now, we’ve produced 3 incredible short films, seen hundreds of lives impacted, empowered underprivileged people in the townships, and seen the Holy Spirit break out in our midst. And this is all before the films have actually been released. All glory to God, and watch this space.”